Precious Mother & Daughter Portraits

Margaret came to see me a couple of years ago to have a Glamour Makeover Portrait of herself . She was in her later sixties and had never had a professional portrait of herself. She brought in an array of clothes and was such fun. She was sassy and cheeky and bossy in a nice kind of way. And I loved her for it ! I had so much fun , we had so much fun. She loved her photo’s and invested in many.

Fast forward to 2021 and Margaret contacted me again to do another Portrait session, but this time with her gorgeous 91yr old Mum. I was so excited because I love having my clients come back but to be able to create beautiful portraits with her Mum, well that’s so special.

It was such an emotional day photographing Margaret and her Mum. To witness their love and create these portraits knowing that they will now be part of their history was amazing. But it also made me sad as I reflected on my own Mum, who had passed a few years before and I wish I had done this with her. I would have loved to have had that experience and to have those photo’s to hold now.


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